WebWriteServices develops sites of all kinds for small businesses, professionals, non-profits and community organizations.

What kind of site is best for you? If you will be needing frequent content updates, I recommend a WORDPRESS or JOOMLA site - which you can update yourself. 

Once setup with your content and customized to your needs, patient instruction and support is included. WebwriteServices can handle routine maintenance, or teach you so you are in control of your site.  You don't need to program or use code - just log in type in your content and add your images. 

Jackie Fitts* is the principal of WebWriteServices, building websites since 1999 according to this basic process:

  • Start with a free consultation by phone, online, or in person if practical. I listen to your ideas, look over images and content, and discuss options for your site.
  • Basic on our discussion, you'll receive site specifications, an estimate and deposit information.
  • You'll receive 2-3 layout 'takes' for your home page and an inner page for your review.
  • Choose your layout preference and I'll make any design adjustments to the 'take'.
  • Submit your conten.  If requested, I'll help edit your written content, but your role is to provide content and images.  I can develop or edit graphics for the site, and re-size and optimize your images.
Review & Go Live:
  • View your pages in-progress on a development site.
  • Once it's done, tested, and approved by you, the site goes live.  We submit it to Google and/or other search engines.

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